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Shawnghtawk Tsing Pan Scholarship

Learn and Build Our Society Together!

Sarama kaba Maran Anan, whose pen name were Shawnghtawk Tsing Pan, Shanglawt Tsing and Manaw May Sein, was an author of many fiction novels, articles, poems and movies. She was also a faculty member of KSAS since the founding days of the School. Maran Anan was a mother of two children and became widow at her early age. She was jailed for “Galoi Mi She” movie in 1996. Despite of hardship and many challenges, she never gave up writing. Shawnghtawk Tsing Pan never gave up writing!
This Scholarship was established in 2016 to honour her literary contribution for Kachin Literature. This scholarship will be awarded to women who have proven their interest and talent in literature. Young widow and single mothers are encouraged to apply for this scholarship.
DEADLINE :  17 July 2017

Duration: 10 Weeks

Term Starts: 17 July 2017
Time: 9:30 am – 4:00 pm (Mon – Sat)
Fee : 120,000 Kyats      [Note: Food & Accommodation  Provided for Students from Remote areas.]
PMP 101 Integrated English
PMP 102 Grammar
PMP 103 Conversational English
PMP 104 English through Music
PMP 105 English through Film Studies
PMP 106 English through Art
PMP 107 English through Information Technology
PMP 108 Current Issues
PMP 109 Vocabulary in Context
PMP 110 Reading Challenges
PMP 111 Fundamentals of Writing
PMP 121 Jinghpaw Language
PMP 131 Shan Language
PMP 141 Shan and Kachin History
CLUB: Music, Dance, Politics, Environment, Health
COMMUNITY SERVICE: Volunteer Teachers
SPORT: Karate, Football, etc.
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