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Learn and Build Our Society Together!

The purpose of this fellowship is to foster social cohesion among Kachin, Tai (Shan) and Naga youth. Tai, Naga and Kachin young people will be recruited to the training programme where they will learn and work in team. Students will be able to join Post-Matriculation Programme (PMP) and Certificate in English Language and Social Studies (CES) with full tuition fee waiver. As an cultural exchange, Tai, Naga and Kachin students will learn languages, culture, and history of each other. Together they will also receive human rights, photography and advocacy training. In every Saturday, students will reach out Tai, Naga and Kachin communities as volunteer teachers/community workers and live story collectors.
DEADLINE :  10 January 2018
Requirement: (1) PASSED matriculation exam; (2) Recommendation Letter from Tai (Shan) or Naga Literature and Culture Associations or Tai/Naga youth associations; (3) Committed to learn at least ONE YEAR.
Term Starts: 15 January 2018
Time: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm (Mon – Sat)
Fee : 120,000 Kyats     300,000 Kyats 
[Note: Food & Accommodation  Provided for Students from Remote areas.]

Curriculum for PMP and CES (Modules)

PMP/CES 101 Integrated English
PMP/CES 102 Grammar
PMP/CES 103 Conversational English
PMP/CES 104 English through Music
PMP/CES 105 English through Film Studies
PMP/CES 106 Fine Art
PMP/CES 107 Information Technology
PMP/CES 108 English through Current Issues
PMP/CES 109 Vocabulary in Context
PMP/CES 110 Reading
PMP/CES 111 Writing
PMP/CES 121 Jinghpaw Language
PMP/CES 131 Shan Language
CES 112 English for Business Communication
CES 113 English for Academic Purpose
CES 140 Social Studies: World History, Kachin
History, Shan History, Politics, Economics
CES 150 Health
CES 160 Community Service

Club Activities
Music Club, Dance Club, Sport Club, Politics Club,
Environment Club, Art Club, IT & Media Club Karate
Club, Community Service Club

For more information: http://kachinlandsas.org/pmp2018springterm/

Application Form: http://kachinlandsas.org/…/2…/12/Admission-Form_PMP-2018.pdf

For Admission and Scholarships, please contact us:

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