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Post-Matriculation Programme

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Post-Matriculation Programme

Programme Information

[English] PMP is an intensive programme for individuals who passed the matriculation exam and determined to explore options for their future and broaden their horizon while learning English, Information Technology, and involving in multi-faceted learning activities .

[Jinghpaw] Post-Matriculation Programme (PMP) Tsang (10) awng ngut sai ramma ni, English hpe lădat amyu myu hte hkaja la mai ai sha n-ga, tinang a shawng lam aprat hkrunlam a mătu hkyen shăjin la mai ai, Shata (6) laksan lamang re. 

ITerm Information

  • Duration: 4 months
  • Application Deadline: 21 August 2020
  • Next Level: Junior College Foundation


  1. English Proficiency Level: Not Required
  2. Completed admission application (Paper-based)
  3. Passed Matriculation Exam [Copies of                                  matriculation/degree certificates]
  4. Official transcripts 
  5. One referee report (Recommendation Letter)
  6. Scanned copy of NRC card/birth certificate
  7. Credible Medical Check-up Report (Note:                            Required at the final stage of admission after                      the entrance examination)

Tuition and Fees

Tuition Fee: Lap 200,000 

Administration Fee: Lap 10,000

Accommodation and Food charges are only for those stay in hostels. 



  • PMP 101 Integrated English
  • PMP 107 Information Technology (Computer)
  • PMP 103 Conversational English
  • PMP 104 English through Music
  • PMP 110 Reading & Writing


1. Sports: Football, Karate, Kahpret, Badminton;
2. Music & Dance: Music Theory, Kachin Traditional, Guitar, Violin, Recorder;
3. Social Cause: Politics Club, Environment Club, Art Club,

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