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Post Graduate Programme

Educational Programmes

Post Graduate Programme

Kachin Studies SeminarKachin Studies Dialogue SeriesMungding Gāmung Dup Sumrat NingmawKachin Studies Curriculum Workshop

Diploma of Kachin Studies (DKS)

Programme Information

[English] Envisioning to promote Kachin Studies, students who demonstrate strong interests to explore and conduct research on Kachin history, traditions, literature, and anthropology will get training for 18 months. The first six months of the programme will focus on students’ fundamental understanding of different issues surrounding Kachin while another six months focuses on Kachin history and literature. The last six months places a high emphasis on students’ extended essay under the direct supervision of established scholars and in preparation for further study abroad.

[Jinghpaw] Kachin Studies rawt jat wa na mătu yaw shătawng shăda let, Kachin amyusha ni a lăbau, htunghking, laili laika hte ngasat ngasa lam hpe sawk-hkrawk hkaja ai lam hta shărawng awng ai jawngma ni a mătu laksan shăta (18) hpaji lămang re. Shawng na Shăta (6) gaw shărin ginhpan ni hpe mădung shărin nna, hpang na Shăta (6) hpe gaw, Kachin lăbau hte laili laika kungkyang sai săra ni hpe gărum let shărin hkaja na, jăhtum na shăta (6) kaw tinang a sawk-hkrawk kumyai laika (extended essay) hpe ka lăjang ai hte hpawn, maigan dakkasu ni de Master Degree Programme wa lung lu na mătu shăjin sa wa na re.

Important Dates

Duration: 18 months
Application Deadlines: 24 July 2020

Entrance Exam: Short-listed will be informed

Admission Requirements


  1. Completed online admission application
  2. Bachelor Degree [Scanned copy of certificates]
  3. Official transcripts 
  4. Two referee report (Recommendation Letter)
  5.  ONE essay
  6. Scanned copy of NRC card/birth certificate
  7. Receipt of Deposit (Issued by Kachinland College Finance Unit)
  8. Credible Medical Check-up Report (Note: Required at the final stage of admission after the entrance examination)

Tuition and Fees


Jawng Jarik (Tuition Fee): Jawng shang ahkang lu ai ni yawng full scholarship mai lu ai

Pahkam Gumhpraw (Deposit): Jawngma ni yawng gumhpraw Lap 300,000 hpe pahkam gumhpraw hku na bang ra na. DKS programme kaw na awng pru ai shaloi gumhpraw yawng bai mai shaw la lu na raitim, adaw atang lung ai ni a matu gaw, pahkam gumhpraw (deposit) bai shaw la lu na n rai. 

Ga-san ni (FAQ)

DKS hta hpabaw mai lu na ta?

  • Maigan University ni de hpaji hpungjat sa na mātu hkyen lājang lu na. 
  •  Mungmāsa, tāramāsa, sutmāsa, shinggyimmāsa lam ni hpe atsawm dinglik chyē ai atsam (analytical skill) lu wa na. 

Ngai gaw lung mayu tim, English n dep na kun?

  • English mādang gaw Intermediate tsang grup-yin ra ai. English mādang n dep tim, kungkyang ai lam hta hkan nna myit sawn ya ai lam nga na re. English hpe bai hkaja la ai lāmang ni mung nga na re.

Kaning baw bungli mai lu ai kun?

  • Kachin Studies, Kachin History, amyusha laili laika ni hte seng ai Sharin Sara magam bungli mai lu na. 
  • Amyusha htunghking labau hte seng ai sawkhkrawk (research) māgam bungli ni kaw shang tsap lu na. 

Sawkhkrawk Laika (Research Paper) ni hpe mai htangdip shābra lu na i?

  • Tinang sawk nna ka da ai sawkhkrawk laika ni hpe kungkyang ai machyoi ninghkring (expert) ni hte bawngban lu na sha n-ga, htaphtuk ai laika lājang dap (publisher) langai ngai kaw na htangdip lājang shābra lu na re. 

Subject Groups

Core Modules

  • Dip 0001 Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
  • Dip 0002 Extended Essay (EE)
  • Dip 1002 Academic English [Exemptible based on skill]
  • Dip 3010 Politics
  • Dip 3020 Economics
  • Dip 9001 Research Methods for Social Sciences
  • Dip 3030 Kachin History
  • Dip 1010 Jinghpaw Literature [Exemptible based on skill]

Elective Modules

  • Politics
  • Customary Law
  •  Anthropology
  • Geography
  • Sociology
  • Environmental Systems & Societies
  • Independent Study Modules [up to Two Modules]

Programme Requirements

Diploma lu na matu Ra ai lam (Requirement for graduation): 48 Credits

English a matu hkyen lājang ra ai aten hte class ni hpe gaw, ndai credit ni hta n pawng bang ai.

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