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Course Description:

This course is aimed at liberating mind from our imprisoned ways of thinking and perception. Our imprisoned ways of thinking often create and aggravate conflicts and clashes among people. Conflict transformation, therefore, may take place when our imprisoned mindset is freed and liberated.  In this course, self-awareness, community-building, friendship, dynamics of conflicts, creative thinking, non-violent ways of dealing with conflicts, negotiation, facilitation, Non-violent communication, forgiveness are touched up in depth.

The underlying pedagogic principle of this course is experiential learning. Experiential learning refers to a process of learning from experience. It is an ongoing iterative process through which participants interact with social reality, reflect on their experiences to make sense of reality, and apply their learning to their social practice in such a way as to facilitate continuous assessment and reassessment. Thus, Experiential learning involves listening, speaking, observing, tasting, smelling, moving, touching, feeling, thinking, imagining, and undertaking a range of other creative processes conducive to a holistic human experience of learning. (UNESCO peace education manual)

While experiential learning does not preclude lecturing as a method of instruction, it emphasizes student-centered participatory learning that goes beyond lecturing and listening. This means encouraging all participants to take charge of their own learning processes, instead of assuming that knowledge comes from teachers alone. (UNESCO peace education manual)

About the Instructor

Fr. Aloysius Bi, (Tu Ni) is current Peace and Reconciliation Officer of Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) for both Kachin and Kayah States. He has experience in facilitating psycho-spritual workshops for Indonesian, Vietnamese and Thai women migrants who had trauma from sexual and domestic violences. He designed and facilitated daily healing sessions for youth using arts, music, sport and communication. He received his Master of Arts in Peace Studies from University of Notre Dame, USA, Master of Divinity and Bachelor of Sacred Theology from Fujen Bellarmino Theologate, Taiwan, and Master of Philosophy from Ateneo De Manila University, Philippines.

Course Information

  • Medium of Instruction: English (No translation available)
  • Minimum Requirement for Admission: English Proficiency (Upper Intermediate)
  • Total Hours: 40 hours
  • Credits: 4
  • Class Sessions: 09:00 – 12:00 (Saturday)
  • Duration: Begins on August 25th – December 15th
  • Recess Weeks: October 1st to November 3rd
  • Admission Fees to the Single Subject Certificate: 20,000 Ks.
  • Deposit : 40,000 Ks.  (rebate upon finishing the course successfully)