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Post-Matriculation Programme

It is a ten week-long, intensive English programme targeting individuals who have passed or taken the matriculation exam, using multi-faceted teaching and learning methods to develop their English abilities.

Post-Matriculation Programme (PMP) gaw Tsang (10) htai ngut sai kădai mung, English hpe lădat hpan amyu myu hte hkaja la mai ai, Aten Bat (10) laksan lămang re. San-htai (Placement Test) htai nna, tinang ang ai Tsang (Level 1-7) lung mai ai.


Registration Period: 20 March – 18 April
Jawng Lung Lădaw (Term): 18 April – 27 June 2018
Jawng Lung Ten (School Hours): 09:30 – 16:30
Jawng Shăbrai (Tuition Fee): 140,000 (Only 120,000 if pay in lump sum)


Shărin Ginhpan ni (Modules)


Core Modules

PMP 101 Integrated English

PMP 102 Grammar

PMP 107 Information Technology (Computer)

PMP 103 Conversational English

PMP 104 English through Music

PMP 105 English through Film Studies

PMP 109 Vocabulary in Context

PMP 110 Reading

PMP 111 Writing



PMP 106 Fine Art

PMP 121 Jinghpaw Language

PMP 131 Shan Language


Club Activities

Music Club, Dance Club, Sport Club, Karate Club,

Politics Club, Environment Club, Art Club,

IT & Media Club, Community Service Club


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