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KSAS Job Annoucement

KSAS Job Annoucement


POSITION: KSAS Storytelling and Social ChangeENGLISH TEACHER

Job Summary

KSAS is currently seeking an English Teacher with proficient in 4 skills English teaching experience. English Teacher is responsible for students to ensure that students’ knowledge, understanding and achievement are of the highest levels in Englishproficiency particularly in four-skills. Approximately 25 hours of teaching per week is expected.  English Teacher will work closely with both Faculty and Programme team and answer directly to the Associate Programme Manager/Programme Manager.

Minimum Requirements: 

  • Passion to teach.
  • Bachelor’s degree in English or equivalent degree/diploma in Teaching English with a minimum of 3 years of combined work experience. Post-graduate degree(s) is a plus.
  • Ability to contribute to schemes of work and curriculum materials for the appropriate subjects.
  • Designing effective lessons matching the design of the lesson to the ability of the students.
  • Competence to give clear and constructive feedback to students on further enhancements.
  • Team player who works as a team member, identifying opportunities for working with colleagues and sharing good practice.
  • Recognizing high standards of expectations of students’ behaviour through good classroom discipline focused teaching and productive relationships.
  • Strong work ethics and ability to work outside regular office hours as needed to accomplish tasks, provide support and staff development, and meet with other constituents.

Salary and Benefits:                                                          

Negotiable based on teaching experience and skills. Food, Transportation, and Communication Allowance as well as Sick Leave provided.

Job applicants should submit a cover letter, Curriculum Vitae, and TWO reference letters. Position is open until filled.

Contact Address: 

Kachinland School of Arts and Sciences, Humanity Institute

SNS-56, Shatapru, Myitkyina, Kachin State, Email to: info@kachinlandsas.org

Tel: 0996 396 7000, 0978 422 7634, 0978 422 7625

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Brief Biography of Sara Maran Anan a.k.a Shawnghtawk Tsing Pan (Age 68)

Brief Biography of Sara Maran Anan a.k.a Shawnghtawk Tsing Pan (Age 68)


Maran Anan (Shawnghtawk Tsing Pan)

Kachin Relief Fund (UK) Senior Fellow and Faculty, Kachinland School of Arts and Sciences (KSAS), Humanity Institute
The renowned Kachin writer aged 68 passed away today (26 October 2016 at 3a.m.)

This brief auto-biography was written on 10 February 2016 for School Database

Pen names: Shawnghtawk Tsing Pan, Shanglawt Tsing, Manaw Myae Sein

Personal and Family Background
Htinggaw Mying: “Manam”
Kanu hte Kawa: Lahpai Bawk hte Hpt. Manam Naw
Shangai Ninghtoi: May 13, 1949
Dailup daihpang: Lamaibang Kahtawng, Sinlum Ninghtawn, Manmaw Ginwang, Gaurikrung
Kahpu kanau: Marai 9 kaw na No.3 re. Ma Kaw re. Lasha 6, Numsha 3 re.
Jawng lung hpang: 1955, NCS, Kuthkai, Dingdung Sammung
Hkalup Hkam : 1966, Manmaw Roberts Church by Rev. Maran Yaw
Dinghku shang: March 22, 1975 (Manmaw, Roberts Church by Rev. Laimaw Gam), January 26, 1980 hta ningrum ningtau Slg. Dingrin Kum Ja n nga mat ai kaw na Ma (2) hte daini du hkra, dinghku bai n de sai.

Laika hpaji atsang : B.A (History (Mandalay), B.D, Insein
Magam bungli: Jawng Sara (1972 – 1993), Hpungmagam gun (1997 – 2006)

Literature Experience
Laika hti hpang: Kuthkai, NCS, II Std: kaw na Myen hku ka ai Ma Kaji journal hpe Awa mari ya ai majaw shata shagu hti lu ai.
Laika ka hpang ai : 1972
Laika hpan: Sumrai (Jinghpaw hku)
Hpa majaw sumrai hpe madung ka ai: Jinghpaw num ni Myen sumrai buk ni hti nna hkrap ai, mani kre ma ai.
Hpa majaw Jinghpaw hku ka ai : Myen hku grau ka manu ai raitim, Jinghpaw hku ka da ai sumrai buk ni n nga ai, ngai gaw Jinghpaw re majaw Jinghpaw hku shakut ka ai.

44 ning tup ka mat wa ai laili laika ni:
Sumrai, sumroi, maumwi, labau, shagun laika, kumyai laika, ga shagawp, Video sumla hkrung hkrang shala matsun, hkrangpan sumrai.

Ka shabra sai sumrai ni : N dang matsing hkra law ai.

Video Hkrang Shala matsun ka ai hte video dem shaprawq sai:
1. Nu E Sha E
2. Nu Hkum Hkrap Sa
3. Chyahkrai Matsan
4. Ndai Mungkan Grin Nga Dingsa
5. Galoi Mi She
6. Kalang Sha Pu Ai Salum Pan
7. Salum E Hkru Ai Wan

Laika buk galaw ai lam:
1. Shawnghtawk Tsing Pan a Sumrai Kahkin Vol: I, II
2. Ja Chyum Laika Gasan Latsa Vol: I, II, III
3.Ga shagawp laika buk 1
4. KIWA, Amyu Shayi Magazin Vol: I, II, III
5. KIWA, Masha Hpaga Ninghkap Hpaji Jaw Laika buk, “Na Yang Na Ngawn Sa Yang Sa Yawn” buk 1
6. KWAT ni galaw shapraw ai Hkrangpan Sumrai Vol: 2, 3, 4
7. Ga Shagawp Gabaw 560 ka sai

Laili Laika A Majaw:
1. 1997 May-August htaq, Insein Nsin Htawng du. “Galoi Mi She” Video Sumla hkrung a majaw, htawng 20 ning (5.D, 5J ) hkrat na ningtawn e, Peace Maker ni hkrang shaw la ai.
2. 2009 October 30 hta, KIO Chariman Maran Brang Seng a labau ka Shangut ai shana, ladu lai puq bah, sai tsaw, salum nsa n lu sa wa ai hte nsa ganoi htiq mat ai. Laja lana tsi tsi hkam la ra mat ai.
3. 2011-2013, KIA hte Myen Asuya bai gasat hkat ai ten hta, laili laika the propaganda galaw, grai hkam n kaja mat ai.

Amyusha Magam Gun Ai Lam:
1. 2006-2014 du hkra, Laiza, KIWA kaw laili laika hte apnawng dawjausai.
2. 2014 September kaw na, ndai labau ka ai ten hta HI jawng kaw Jinghpaw Laika Shingni Hpaji Sharin Sara galaw nga ai.

About KSAS

About KSAS


The Kachinland School of Arts & Sciences (KSAS) of Humanity Institute, founded in 2014, is a knowledge enterprise that inspires and incubates young leaders to mould the future of peaceful Kachin State by providing quality tertiary level education and by building the ecosystem of learning. The School is moving forward to realise the vision to establish the University of Kachinland by 2024 by cultivating excellence in teaching, research, and service. The School is governed by the Board of Trustees, managed by the School Management Committee and the Faculty, and invigorated by its vibrant Student Union elected by the students.